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Collage of Ultra Distance Runner Stan Cottrell's Achievements

Acclaimed Ultra Distance Runner, Stan Cottrell’s, Decades of Real Achievement and Friendship Runs

April 2014 — The last five decades have been filled with distance-running pioneer, speaker, author, international businessman, Stanley W. Cottrell Jr.’s, ultra long distance Friendship Runs through more than 38 countries, exploring fascinating lands and cultures, making new friends the world over from the Palaces and White House to poverty ridden villages, from the highways to the byways… plus motivational speaking and Toastmasters’ involvement, international business consulting – sales – cross cultural specialist, charitable and mission outreaches… still going strong today with plans to help the world’s orphans and abandoned children through The Great Global Friendship Run, and joint initiatives with others who are seeking to spread friendship, understanding and a better life for people everywhere such as Peace And Green Initiative For Africa (PGIA)... as Stan employs his unique “person-to-person diplomacy” spreading friendship and the POWER OF HOPE!

Yes, this story is in part about the 200,000 miles Stan has run in his career, the equivalent of 8 times around the Earth, and how that was even possible… about historical events such as Vietnam pre-Normalization and the Forbidden City in China (when it was literally forbidden to foreigners), unusual cultures, our common humanity, plus many remarkable achievements of all kinds.

But mostly, this blog wants to share the rich detail, striking visual imagery, interesting anecdotes and little-known facts, rare glimpses into “a day in the life,” observations and musings… the walks down memory lane from the early days when Stan was the first Southerner to run in the Boston Marathon, made the first cross-Kentucky run, and was a pioneer of ultra distance “adventure runs” before he broke the prior Guinness Trans-USA record by 5 days in 1980… spotlights of amazing friends and others who crossed Stan’s path if only briefly… reports from eye witnesses of Stan’s runs and events through the decades… numerous “firsts” and opening many political, social or business “doors”… plus new and exciting things Stan is doing still at age 70…

We will be bringing forth FRESH, UNIQUE CONTENT you won’t find elsewhere on the web about Stan Cottrell, the development of distance running in the mid-1900’s, athletic training techniques that really work, what’s needed in running shoes today, adventures and trials on the Friendship Runs, wonderful people along the way, treachery and pain, overcoming, uplifting, HOPE … including your own accounts and photos, say, of your runs with Stan, other fun times together, or challenges you overcame together, if you wish to share them. (Contact Stan.)

That’s the reason the first blog posts are derived from interview-discussion-testimony of two outstanding men who each made a major contribution to the field of human achievement, athletic performance, training in Track and Field… and each of whom accompanied Stan every step of the way on a long distance “friendship run:”

  1. Josh Culbreath – multiple sports Hall of Fame, setter of World Records (Track and Field / hurdles)  and Olympic medalist.  Josh was with Stan on the 400+ mile “Freedom Run” from the Brandenburg Gate, East Germany to Warsaw, Poland starting the day the Berlin Wall fell and the Gate was opened.
  2. Dr. Hugo Greiner – former physician for the famed East German Olympic Team, human achievement scientist who studied Stan every step of the way on his 12-country, 3500 mile “Great European Adventure Run.”

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